The problem IS political…it always has been!

The general words from people at the moment is that too much politics has been brought around Czechtek, but what you seem to forget is that this was never about Czechtek.


The decision to do this to the citizens, and visitors, of the Czech Republic, was made weeks in advance.  The whole thing was politicised way before, and that’s what Paroubek wanted.  I think he counted on the media being on his side, they way they always have been.  But the question is why?

If we delve into the politics of the situation, and try to forget that it was Czechtek, but just a party on what was supposed to be legally hired land, you realise this could have been any mass gathering of expression.  Expression is the thing which drives every free man or woman.  We desire to let our emotions be heard, and we do that in different ways.  When I play my music to people, I base my set on my current emotions.  So we now know that this problem is not about techno.  It’s not about the type of people going to Czechtek.  It’s not about Czechtek and it never was!  Do not get blinded by the situation.

What worries me is that an order came from up high, which resulted in a breach of human rights, and which set the country back sixteen years.  More than 1000 police happily beat their own citizens, and would do so again, on the order of the Prime Minister.  There is also a belief by the Czech people that what a policeman says, goes, and you must do as he says.  But you don’t.  If you are not breaking the law, then you do not have to do as you are told.  You control the police, they do not control you; remember that!  That is called a democracy.  If you, as a member of Czechtek, were on the wrong piece of land, then he should have come up to you and given you your first warning; something like this; “You are on not allowed on this field, move over to the next, or you will be fined.”  Don’t forget, he is a Public Servant which means he serves you.  He must be polite.

So you move.  No problem.  We all know the police spoke to the crowd using megaphones.  However, they knew there was loud music playing.  They knew that most wouldn’t hear.  So this is the way it should have gone:

1. The police should not have been riot police but normal police, as to not insight fear and aggression.
2. The police should have approached the individual soundsystem and asked them to turn it down so they could make an announcement.  Remember, if you are polite, people are polite back.  If you are nasty and aggressive, people are nasty and aggressive back.  Had the police been polite and done this, the people would be polite back.  Ravers are not anarchists or skinheads; they are peace loving hippies-style people.
3. The police would make their announcement.  People would move to the correct land, the party would go on peacefully.

However!  It’s obvious from the video footage and photos that the police were blocking access to the correct land, therefore, inciting an incident – they wanted to fight.

So back to the original problem; if the police will beat its own citizens on the order of the Prime Minister, what will the army do?  If the people really believe they have to do what the police tell them to, will that mean they will stay indoors when Paroubek tells them to?

What is Paroubek up to?  Well, in my opinion, I can see this going two ways, both bad. 

1. A commission finds against the police action; Paroubek blames Bublan, Bublan goes and Paroubek brings in a new law to make raves illegal.  In that law, he will slip in other laws which will stop mass-gatherings, limit demonstrations, and generally stop people from having basic democratic rights.  Essentially, bring in more power for him.
2. A commission finds for the police action; Paroubek brings in a new law to make raves illegal.  In that law, he will slip in other laws which will stop mass-gatherings, limit demonstrations, and generally stop people from having basic democratic rights.  Essentially, bring in more power for him.

Either way, pretty bad eh?  The problem is convincing the public who call ravers “smazky” that there is a greater evil.  They will not believe it. 

Personally, I felt the fact that yesterday’s demonstration turned into a rave was a bad idea.  A lot of people who turned up to demonstrate for human rights, left because it just turned out to be a rave.  The next demonstration should be speeches and only speeches.

Paroubek is in control of a very large train which only he has under control.  We have to convince the public that they have to get off that train and hope that he crashes.  It seems too easy in Eastern Europe still for dictators to get into control of a country (i.e. Belarus).  The democracy you have here is still very young and not fully developed.  People’s memory of the oppression is slowly fading and all they remember is how they had work, and free medicine, free this, free that…except life.  If we let this happen, we will have only ourselves to blame. 

Let’s now stop calling this the “Kauza o Czechteku” and now call it the “Kauza o lidske prava”.  Please!  This is now my home.  I love this country.  I have Czech citizenship.  Let’s stop the dictator Paroubek from taking this country back to being the CSR!






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